Winchester Hunting Knife Set Recall

Winchester Hunting Knife Set (Item # 31-000801) Recall Form

Reasons for Recall: Gerber has learned that the latching mechanism is not working correctly in all situations; therefore, some blades in some Hunting Knife Sets can be pulled out of the handle without the user pushing the lock release button. This potentially could result in a blade falling out of or disengaging from the handle during use. This issue poses a laceration hazard to the user.

What you must do:

  1. Stop using the Winchester Hunting Knife Set immediately.
  2. Fill in the form below and Gerber will send you a prepaid return carton in which to return your Hunting Knife Set at our expense, together with detailed instructions on how to return the Hunting Knife Set.

Upon receipt of your knife, we will send out a replacement item of greater value.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this matter may cause you, but your safety is a top priority of ours. We continually strive to meet our customers’ expectations in providing the highest quality products. Thank you for your cooperation.

Winchester Hunting Knife Set Recall

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